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Gary Walden

Hair Stylist + Model

“Super excited to have Applebiotic in the salon! Very refreshing on scalp and from my clients who swim in chlorinated pools, a quick rinse directly after swimming help prevent the chlorine residue buildup. A must try!”

Ami Desai

Beauty / Lifestyle Expert

“I’ve used this @applebiotic probiotic hair rinse once and already have noticed a huge difference...especially after long summer days spent in the sun.”

Tatyana M.

Happy Customer

“Wonderful new product for sensitive skin with the active ingredient of Apple Cider vinegar. Toner refreshes and invigorates the skin while leaving soft and silky finish. I have struggled for decades to find products that work for me - this one is a keeper.”

Arielle K.

Happy Customer

“…Apple Cider Vinegar Probiotic Hair Rinse was an easy, perfect addition to my hair routine. The product helped ensure soft, manageable, beautiful tendrils immediately after first use. Instantly, my curls felt nourished, hydrated, and bouncier that ever! Applebiotic helped revitalize my curls, and the difference is visible!”