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Introducing Apple Cider Vinegar Probiotic Scalp and Body Scrub!

September 12, 2021

Introducing Apple Cider Vinegar Probiotic Scalp and Body Scrub!

Exfoliating Your Scalp

There are so many beauty fads and procedures which seems to be emerging constantly, and it can often be difficult to keep up with them. When there’s what seems like a never-ending list of the things promoted for you to do in order to improve your physical health, appearance or mental wellbeing, it can be very overwhelming, and almost impossible to determine what’s worth it, because no-one has time (and most of us don’t have the money, either) to integrate them all into our routines. However, exfoliating your scalp is something that’s affordable, easy to add to your routine, and doesn’t take all the time in the world. So, if you want to find out why you should exfoliate your scalp, the benefits that come from it, and how you can get the most out of it, read on.

 How do you exfoliate your scalp?

Before you find out about why it’s good to exfoliate your scalp, it’s useful to know how, exactly, you can exfoliate your scalp. Many people already do this, and it’s easy to implement into your regular routine, as well as being very inexpensive, as mentioned. You may have heard a little about exfoliating your scalp before, and maybe you already do, but here is the right way to exfoliate your scalp in order to reap the benefits.

On the market, there are plenty of products available for you to use in order to exfoliate your scalp, and it’s worth looking into these, and finding one which suits you. Most of these scalp treatments are made from salt, sugar, or other rough-surfaced ingredients, as these will be effective at removing the dead skin from your scalp, which is the aim of the exfoliation. This form of exfoliation is similar to that of exfoliating the skin on the body or, more commonly recognised, the face, known as mechanical (or physical) exfoliation.

With one of these products, you’ll need to ensure that you’re being gentle enough with the skin on your scalp, and that you aren’t being too vigorous. There’s no need to scrub too harshly as even a gentle massage is enough with a scrub product, as the rough edges of the salt or sugar are enough to do any of this for you.

You can do this in the shower, and the best time is before you apply a shampoo or conditioner to your hair, as you can use the shampoo to give the scrub an extra rinse, in case there’s any left in your hair.

  Why do you need to exfoliate your scalp?

One of the benefits of scalp exfoliating is that it helps to remove product build-up caused by hard water, shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products.  Gentle exfoliation helps to lift off dead skin cells unclogging pores and allowing them to breath.  Another benefit of regular scalp exfoliation is the opportunity for your hair follicles to release their natural oils. Just like the skin requires natural oils to protect it from external sensitivities and other potentially harmful substances, as it would be too sensitive otherwise, the hair requires its own natural oils. When someone’s hair is naturally shiny, the ‘coating’ that gives the smooth texture comes from its oils, which come from the scalp. Therefore, anything you do to stimulate oil production and release in the scalp will give your hair a little extra oil which results in shine.

In addition, as well as the aesthetic purpose this provides, having naturally glossy hair is a sign that your hair is healthy, and can make it much stronger than it would be if it were dried out or dehydrated. When your hair becomes too dry, a number of things can happen, and many of the concerns people face with regards to their hair come from it being too dry. For example, if your hair is very frizzy, that is often due to the fact that it’s too dry, and that there aren’t enough natural oils supplying it. This is linked to the reason why it’s not good for you to wash your hair all the time, as this removes the natural oils and the entire process of them spreading throughout your strands must start again.

When you exfoliate your scalp, related to the idea of it resulting in your hair becoming stronger and shinier, it can also stimulate hair growth, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, if your hair is stronger and healthier, it is much less likely to break off or develop split ends, so that allows you to overcome one obstacle that people face when growing their hair. However, that’s not the only reason why your hair can grow faster with the practice of scalp exfoliation. The main reason is that, in your scalp, there are tiny shoots at the start of each strand of hair, known as the hair follicle, and they are ‘buried’ in the skin in the scalp. Exfoliating this area has been shown to promote their productivity, therefore allowing them to grow your hair faster.

Introducing our Apple Cider Vinegar Probiotic Scalp and Body Scrub — a new revolutionary solution to exfoliate, hydrate, and balance your scalp.


We take care of our hair and face. But have much time do we invest in caring for our scalp?

Regularly detoxing and exfoliating our scalp doesn't just prevent grease, dead skin, and hair-loss-causing product residues from clogging pores; it provides a healthy environment for lush hair to grow faster, thicker, and stronger.


We set out to select the highest quality, most gentle, yet effective ingredients. Our focus was to formulate a clean, color-safe product as preservatives and additives further irritate the scalp's sensitive skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar - to balance the scalps pH level, soothe and break down product buildup

Niacinimide - as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it helps to regulate oil production and works to refresh skin and hair by helping with moisture retention

Olive Fruit Oil - helps to renew skin cells and moisturizes the scalp

Sesame Seed Oil - rich in Vitamin E, it helps to protect against environmental stressors such as UV rays, toxins, and pollution

Sugar Crystals - to softly exfoliate skin and dissolve easily without leaving any residue


Women, men, and teens of all ages can benefit from weekly exfoliation, particularly those who use dry shampoo, leave-in conditioners, hair spray, or hair masks. Those who enjoy an active lifestyle or live in warm climates can say goodbye to sweat and chlorine buildup and enjoy the increased softness, luster, and shine.


Shop our Apple Cider Vinegar Probiotic Scalp and Body Scrub here.



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